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  d  Author: Honorable Dr Lou Who

Read back cover of book... click to enlarge
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         Read page 24 here. My new book is a nice 240 page book, with a center photo insert. I wrote this reminiscing about the `60s and `70s. Here you will find many true storys and events of that time. It Seemed like a big project at the time. I Pieced together the many fun times and good time and weird incidents that transpired thru them years. Sometimes I wonder where the Hippie Daze went. So if you want to know what it was really like in the Hippie Daze, or if you have lived it and want some good times remembering. Included is how some of the band members of LONG, got started.

To hear some of the intense music from some of my band member friends, wrote of in the book, click Hear More!

         This is my autobiography, in book form about the real life happenings of the Hippie Daze and the Recovery Knights. I can also personally sign, a your copy of your book before it's shipped. E-Mail me after placing an order, and I will also include any personal greeting that you may request. Their is plenty of reading about my book inside this website.
Order immediately and use a check or your credit card on 128 bit SSL. I made Linda Lous Gifts to make ordering simple and fast. So Please... order Hippie Daze from me now! To read more, visit the OFFICIAL HIPPIE DAZE website, click the link! http://www.hippiedaze.com

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 d  Rock & Roll: Honorable Dr Lou Who

The new great music CD by ~Long... click  to enlarge
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        The Rock 'n' Roll returns... Far out man! Hip! Philatelic! Awesome! Spell checking spell bouncingly fibulas! Mixing the best of post-hippie underground psychedelic power rock with a dandy roustabout and a twist of ham - or something like that..... The music of Long. Their premier debut album on CD, "Almost There". A touching on the style of Zepplin, Airplane, Zappa, Greatful Dead, Cream, all rolled into one dynamite album CD with 9 original songs, by the best artists to have lived threw the Hippie Daze. A must for any fan of good music with a `60s sound. Chicken soup for the ears!

To read some of the band members begining history, click Read More!

         A word from Stevo. You know, the base player also in my book "Hippie Daze". "The New 'LONG' CD is Available. The CD is done. The Squeamish NEWS... The next project is coming along. Hit a bit of a snag with two songs that were supposed to be on this CD. It seems Mike & Doug from LONG want them on LONG's next album. So visit my newly self created site, with the latest updates on his rock group "LONG". http://longguy.20fr.com Should I be Flattered or Shattered? Oh well...Guess I'm writing two NEW songs." Order immediately and use a check or your credit card on 128 bit SSL. This is my friends Steve's album from his Rock & Roll band ~LONG, with that Hippie Daze `60s & `70s sound. Hear a sample Click Here! To hear more samples, visit the OFFICIAL LONG website, click the LONG link! http://www.LongRocks.com


Goods and services provided by Linda Lous Gifts (FL, IN, USA).
Sold by 2CheckOut.com Inc. (Ohio, USA).

The New Album Song From Stevo and SODDERPOT at ByteMall.com

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God Bless!
~Honorable Dr Lou Who

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